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Design and web development services

When you hire us to create your website, you're getting much more than another designer. We provide skills honed by many years of both print and web work, technical and marketing copy writing, illustration, programming, and system administration.

But more than that we're businessmen too. We listen to your business needs and make sure our work supports your goals. We will listen carefully first then give wise advice based on what you've told us you need.

Appropriate design

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We believe the best design for your website might not always be the one that looks the best to us (or even to you!) Your audience — your customers — are the proper judges.

So when we create your website in cooperation with you, we'll identify the expectations of your visitors so we can communicate on their terms.

Appropriate technologies

And in the same vein, online technologies are only helpful in the context of what your visitors need, expect, and appreciate. Should your website be made with Flash? Only if your visitors will benefit. Should we incorporate video or music? Only to the extent it actually helps you achieve your business goals.

This kind of thinking might seem obvious but many developers don't follow it. They implement technologies as soon as they're available simply to keep up. A lot of websites are burdened with technology that was once new, soon abandoned, and never very useful.

Websites that get used

We also believe in creating highly usable, attractive, approachable websites. While it's certainly fun to watch wild animations, clever graphic amusements, and whiz-bang special effects, it's our belief that these tricks rarely promote the basic functions of business. That's why we focus on good writing, clean graphics, appropriate technologies, search engine compatibility, and of course download speed. It's our experience that these core values will satisfy your visitors and make your site successful.

Types of projects

We divide our design/development services into four sub-categories: Creating brochure sites Mercantool e-commerce Redesigning worn-out sites Special projects