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Design and web development services: Brochure websites

The Brochure Website might be the right model for your small business. The main purpose of a brochure site is to provide straightforward information. It is typically three to ten pages and can easily grow along with your business. Although they are technically simple and non-interactive, a brochure site can be as visually simple or complex as you like.

Everyone can fantasize about the wonders of creating a world-class, Web 2.0 website that will revolutionize the world. Unfortunately, most smaller businesses have only a modest budget for their first website. It's important to realize that the brochure site, while simple, can be an excellent stepping stone to greatness.

Features of a brochure site

  • Essentially a large, flexible advertisement to support a business's other functions
  • Information typically doesn't change very often
  • Little interaction is necessary with the visitor
  • Contains the basic information such as hours, location, and useful marketing information
  • Can be simple or visually spectacular as needed
For examples of brochure sites we're proud of, see our portfolio

Great Inexpensive Sites

Everyone wants a "great" website. Some great websites cost $500 while some cost $100,000. What's the difference?

Inexpensive great sites know where to compromise. You should never compromise on quality, but you can on quantity and features. Maybe you can put off the streaming media for later. Maybe the database engine can wait. Can you settle for a simple graphic design for now? You can always improve the site later as your budget allows.

The driving forces that increase the price of a website are planning, size, complexity, programming, graphic design, writing, interactivity, revisions, testing, and hosting. Consider these elements when deciding what you expect and how much you have to spend.

Moral: Everyone can have a "Great Website" if they are realistic about the meaning of "Great."