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Design and web development services: Mercantool e-commerce websites

The database-driven e-commerce site is a major undertaking that ranks your site among the leaders. This is the type of site that doesn't just inform your customers; it acts as the salesman to them.

Our e-commerce sites use our Mercantool commerce system for the shopping cart and database. Mercantool can display your products, allow your customers to browse, shop and make a purchase without any risk to their personal information. It can handle promotions, discounts, shipping calculations and a wide number of other customized features you may request or require. Mercantool can include integration with web applications, customer coupon codes, shipping cost algorithms, automated and even delayed credit card transactions, and unique product displays.

Because Mercantool is based on the industry database leader SQL, your data can easily be leveraged for wide-ranging business needs. Existing data can be imported and website session and purchase data can be exported for data mining.

Because we developed and maintains Mercantool, we are uniquely qualified to integrate and customize it to suit your needs. Of course, we are also available to work with other commercial or proprietary commerce systems.

For more information about Mercantool, see our Mercantool e-commerce pages.

Your Catalog: Product Variations

One of the biggest challenges in building a website (and the underlying database) is categorizing the product list so your customers, and the website itself, can find what they're looking for. We spend as much time as it takes to develop a heirarchy as we can so your customer's path to purchase is direct and clear.

Most products are available in variations. Shoes, for instance, are available in sizes and perhaps colors. Golf clubs can be made in different lengths and flexes. These variations generally don't affect price and aren't represented by SKUs.

Mercantool excels at customization for your unique variation needs. While most off-the-shelf commerce systems can display a variation menu for "small", "medium", and "large", how many can be customized just the way your products require?

Whether your product list is simple or highly specialized, Mercantool can serve you and your customers well.