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Ongoing management of your website

Got a problem?

A single tech support call will often solve your problem. In most cases we're able to answer questions or solve problems by the conclusion of the phone call. That's because you always talk directly with the team member who built your website and is responsible for your Mercantool installation.

Since we handle the entire package you have one point of contact that will ensure proper functioning of your entire website and e-commerce system.

Got small updates?

Want a change to some text? A new graphic? Temporarily moving, adding, or disabling a section? A new mailbox to add to your account? Just call. Many things of this sort can be done immediately, while you're on the phone.

Got lots of updates?

We try to identify which parts of a website are likely to need updates on a regular basis. Those indicate a good opportunity to install Content Management which means you can do your changes yourself quickly and easily through a secure control panel only you can access.

We also offer maintenance contracts to our customers with each installation, so that we can help our customers grow their business. We believe in growing with our customers, so we succeed as they succeed, and we do our part to give them peace of mind that their website and e-commerce system are solid and reliable pieces of their business they can count on.

How do we charge for this?

Call us crazy (you wouldn't be the only one!) but we often give our services away for free.

Our general policy is that regular clients with good, ongoing relationships usually get our help on little things for free. If an update takes us less than 5 or 10 minutes or so, we generally aren't going to charge you.

A large amount of the requests that come in are that fast: minor text updates, new mailboxes, quick graphic design chores, etc.

But the good news for us is that our customer loyalty is unbelievable which pays off when there's a bigger need. And we're glad to help — at our normal rates — when that happens.