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Marketing your site

Years ago when there were only a handful of websites, every new site was a big deal. Those days are gone we're afraid. Your brand new website isn't going to attract a lot of attention unless you get the word out.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a multi-pronged approach to getting your website listed prominently on the search engines when prospective customers look for what you provide.

The problem is that more than likely, lots of websites serve the same purpose. The solution is to do it better than them. There are no tricks, no "Number One" placement guarantees, and no $49.95/month auto-submission services.

We just build a better website, encourage you to fill it with suitable information, and follow the guidelines of the search engines. That's all there is to it.

Direct Email Campaigns

Always a winner, except when it's seen as spam.

So make sure your email list is legally acquired and composed only of truly opt-in addresses of people who really do want to hear from you. Then remove people who ask to be removed and keep them out. Finally, use a legitimate bulk mailing service which protects itself (and you) from the effects of bad-will spammers.

Then build a compelling email campaign. This includes designing an email framework that looks like your website (for consistent branding), rewards the reader (with compelling offers, interesting news, and handy tips or trivia), and arrives consistently.

Print Marketing

Tried and true print marketing costs money, but pays itself back in the end. Consider media purchases, direct mail, billboards, skywriting, and all the traditional modes.