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E-commerce with Mercantool™

Mercantool is a high performance, vastly customizable e-commerce platform developed by NextGem. For more than twelve years we've designed and built websites and e-commerce systems to meet the unique product and sales requirements of our customers. We've earned a loyal following of companies who have entrusted us with the design and implementation of their online sales process. Mercantool is a full service product which is more than just a robust e-commerce package. We provide everything you need to sell your products online including:

  • Website design and development (or integration with an existing site)
  • Integrating to third party systems
  • Search engine marketing
  • Hosting
  • Customization to fit your needs

Why e-commerce isn't a commodity

Our immediate and thorough support is what earns us our clients' loyalty. We become strategic partners with our clients and maintain their installation of Mercantool to ensure it's running optimally. Websites are complex and sometimes conflicts arise between areas. When you run Mercantool you can be assured that all your website needs will be handled by a team that understands how to give every aspect of the website its due attention and how to best organize and integrate all important aspects including content management, statistics, search engine marketing, data, and customer interactions.

Mercantool pricing

All Mercantool services are by quote. Project descriptions vary and are always defined by the client's budget. Project pricing for full development from scratch of a small business website often runs between $5K-10K and can launch within 4 weeks. Installation of Mercantool into an existing website can be as little as $1K-3K.

"Our customized Mercantool site was launched on time and on budget. They effortlessly replaced our existing website so we could sell our 270,000 products online. These guys have been so great to work with. I recommend them to anyone."

Well, we wouldn't say "effortless" but we're glad it appeared that way.